I first met Justin at a music school. During my first lesson with him, I could tell he was a great player and a great teacher. His technique was flawless. I have never seen anyone play with such cleanliness at such high speed. His knowledge in music theory and the guitar itself was also second to none. When Justin left, I too left after finishing the term with the school. I self-taught myself for a while until I got stuck and I decided to take lessons privately from Justin again. Ever since I continued lessons with Justin, I improved tremendously. From my technical skills to my knowledge in music and the guitar have seen great improvement. Justin teaches me with everything he’s got. He even shares his licks and style with me by printing out tabs and scores. He is willing to impart his knowledge to me and is not selfish at all. He does a very great job teaching me. He is the one of the best guitarists in Singapore in my opinion, I have never seen anyone so highly skilled with the guitar.

– Jiajun

I’ve never looked forward to guitar lesson until I started taking up lesson with Justin. It was via a music school that I got to meet Justin before he left the school. During the days when he was teaching in the school, my lesson duration was only 30 minutes but what’s impressive was that he was able to impart his knowledge to me without being overwhelming in the short time frame. I had to teach myself after stopping lesson with Justin as I find that other teachers couldn’t ignite that passion in me. I then decided to take up private lessons with Justin. You can definitely see improvement in your playing as he would pinpoint the little things that you might think it’s not important and that actually is the problem that’s affecting you. He would share all his techniques, music theory knowledge and be expected to receive ear training. Besides, I am someone who loves receiving exercises, scores and tabs through a hard-copy form and I’m pleased that he would go an extra mile to print them out instead of sending them through email which many teachers are doing nowadays. I really recommend guitarist (be it advance or you’re totally clueless about guitar) to learn from Justin as he’s a phenomenal guitarist and teacher, I’m pretty sure you’ll get something out of him. Justin, I just want to say thank you for your guidance and I really enjoyed your lessons. Do continue to help more students achieve their goals and you’re definitely one of the best guitarists in Singapore. Rock on!

– Brandon

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