Pick-more legato method

“Justin Liew’s Pick More Legato E-book is a great systematic piece of work that reminds me of my own studies on legato playing. By drawing from his own experience, Justin shares an approach that has worked for him. My favorite part is Chapter 3 where he includes many exercises and common approaches that help the aspiring legato guitarist incorporate the ideas into their playing. Although seemingly a small volume at 19 pages, his work is concise and precise. I look forward to more from Justin in the future!”

Az Samad, Malaysian Guitarist-Composer-Educator

Legato on guitar is often associated with lots of slurs (hammer-ons and pull-offs) done by the fretting hand without giving much mention to the picking hand. In this book we look at how the pick-more method, which features picking more in a certain order strengthens our legato lines. We will also compare different legato methods and find out why I settle with the pick-more method. In my experience, the pick-more method has the following benefits:

  1. More even and controlled legato lines.
  2. Less stress on fretting hand.
  3. Works well even in the higher register of the fretboard.
  4. Blends in easily with usual phrasing.
  5. Works well in clean setting.

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And here’s a video I put up showcasing how the pick-more method works on four different guitars: overdriven electric guitar, clean jazz guitar, acoustic steel string guitar and nylon string guitar:

Hope you like the eBook and let me know what you think by contacting me via my email justinliew@justinliewmusic.com!


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