Welcome to my lessons page. Over time I will write lessons that will hopefully help us improve as we go on our journey in pursuing music.

If you’re interested in taking private lessons (or organizing workshops, clinics etc.) from me, send me a mail at justinliew@justinliewmusic.com or shoot me a message via the Contact page. Do check out some testimonials my students wrote as well.

As for my qualifications, as some might be interested, I’m currently a guitar instructor at Yamaha Contempo Music School and I hold an ALCM Diploma in Jazz Guitar.


  1. Economy picking – Introduction
  2. Economy picking – Ideas (and licks) 1
  3. Legato – Brett Garsed inspired idea


  1. Modes – Major and minor scales
  2. Modes – 7 modes of a major scale
  3. Modes – The difference between each mode in a major scale
  4. Modes – Referring to the parent major scales
  5. Modes – Improvising over diatonic chord changes


  1. Phrasing – Forming long continuous runs
  2. Phrasing – What scales to use?
  3. Phrasing – What if we don’t bend? 
  4. Blues – Less scales, more feels


  1. So you got bored of your monster lick
  2. Listen to the beat with our feet (foot)
  3. Working on speed
  4. Transcribe to improve fretboard awareness

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