I was talking to bassist Titus (great bassist no joke) on what to write some weeks ago and he suggested – mindset. Okay so let’s write about the mindset I have dealing with music.

For me, I want to be the very best like no one ever was. Not trying to quote Pokemon but that’s how I work. It is this constant desire to improve that drives me. I’m not sure if I’m better than anyone but at least I am better than me from yesterday and one day I will rule the universe.

But isn’t music not a competition? Why bother being better? In my opinion, music is not a competition for those who don’t work in this line. We want to get calls for gigs and although being a nice person helps, skills matter more, unless we’re really unpleasant.

Over the years, my reading, charting, playing etc. have improved although these improvements usually came with a different mindset i.e. I need to get better or else no one calls me anymore. Each call is an opportunity. Of course there were times when I butchered some gigs and I don’t get called anymore but at least I learned of what worked and didn’t work for me. Hopefully if I ever get called to do the same thing again I can redeem myself.

This post could come out as a little too work related because it is! It is the same for everything else I believe and not just music or should I say music is the same as everything else. I will write something that’s a little more casual (which makes it a lot harder to write) when I get the kick. Need to practice some classical guitar now.


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