I just got back from a break after 3 hectic months. Hadn’t been writing much as well because of common excuses e.g. lazy, busy, lack of ideas/inspirations etc. To be frank I actually had something I really wanted to write but being the lazy ass I am it didn’t get done. Let’s see what happens in this post.

Okay I’ve decided to write about teaching, again. One of the best things about teaching is that it keeps me in check. I always get questions from my students that trigger me in a good way. For example, how do you memorize the fretboard? I’m sure there are generic answers to this question but I like to talk from experience and the problem is, I don’t remember how I worked it out. I don’t mean to say I know the fretboard inside out because I still freak out over Db and Gb major scales. Wait, I’ve actually gotten quite comfortable with these 2 scales thanks to whole lot of gigging playing songs in these keys. I’d say my weakest key now is B. Back to topic. I’m always bombarded with questions I wish my YouTube account had all the videos of me practicing since I started playing. I’m not really a question asker (?) myself so I learned a lot by being asked questions I wouldn’t have expected.

And I have to end this post abruptly here because my brain is emptied. Until next time!


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