Before getting into topic, I lost a supposedly daily gig. I felt a little sad but looking at the bright side, my time is freed up and I get to play with even more people!

So, technique. For example, alternate picking. Getting the picking hand to do steady up and down strokes is one thing but what if we add in some notes with our fretting hand? Can we have both hands synchronized? That’s when we need to lock ourselves up to practice. This alone can take up years to perfect and it’s not even guaranteed.

I’ve decided to work on my picado, something I’ve always been amazed by flamenco players and recently Matteo Mancuso. Working on it now makes me think so much about to how to optimize my practice. How do my fingers feel? Is the tone right? How fast can I go? Maybe I shouldn’t think at all.

I’ve been playing the guitar for more than 15 years now and I’m still working on things I already know. The sad thing is I don’t remember the process during my early years. What was I thinking while practicing? How did I practice? Perhaps I seriously didn’t think of anything at all and just did whatever I wanted to.

It’s been a long time since I worked on a new technique and so far picado has been a great challenge. It sure helps if one day I drop my pick during a shredding solo and can continue playing with just my fingers.


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