Been missing again and this time it’s all due to the REAL kind of busy. I haven’t even finished my last episodes of Japanese drama ‘Nigehaji’ and ‘Koetsu Girl’ that ended 1-2 weeks ago. Been gigging quite a lot these few weeks as well as preparing for an upcoming daily gig starting in January so, well, feels good to be doing things.

Actually this will be one of those boring new year’s eve posts but I gotta write something or I might disappear for far too long. So how was 2016? To me it was good. Way more gig calls than 2015 and knowing that people are starting to talk about me (hopefully only the good side) are both good things.

Of course there were not-so-good times as well when I got dumpstered so badly but on the bright side, it’s a good reminder to prevent anything like that to ever happen again. I’ve learned a lot from all the different musicians I played with, perhaps this is a good topic to explore next time.

And that’s it for my 2016 concluding post. Have lots of charting to do and here’s hoping for a more fruitful 2017.

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