I like trying out things. Not so much in life but in music because doing things wrong in life is scary.

I am always trying to add things to the music I play to spice it up and get some reaction. It’s not about making the music totally different but having some moments that make people go, ‘Aha I see what you did there!’

Often times these little moments are not that hard to create technically. Sometimes it’s just a chord. Sometimes it’s a melody quoted from another song. It makes things a lot more interesting than just being as it is.

Doing these tricks take experience and to have that experience is to try it out straight away. Always keep in mind to complement the music and create something fun and not so much of HEY GUYS LOOK AT ME I’M AWESOME LOL.

Of course there are times these tricks fail but fear no more, try it again next time. There are also times when things just do not fit the music. If that’s the case just come out with new stuff and move on! Listen to how these little things interact with the music and people. It’s amazing how doing these almost minuscule things can bring up a smile on people’s faces.

So now, why not go wreck some little licks now? *quotes ‘Autumn Leaves’ melody over ‘Beautiful Love’*


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