You know Dragon Ball? One of my favorite mangas and there’s one thing we can learn from the Saiyans like Goku, Vegeta etc. and that’s the desire to always improve.

Ever seen a great player and just feel like giving up? Instead of giving up and selling all the gear, feel motivated and get better! That’s what Goku would most likely do if he was a musician instead of battling Cell and Buu.

Ever got dumpstered at a jam session and feel like hiding in a room watching anime forever not to be seen again (sounds like a good plan)? Once again, turn all that negativity around and feel motivated! A Saiyan who survives on the edge of death gets stronger, Vegeta said.

Not gonna lie, there are numerous times I get demotivated. I think it’s an age thing. Back when I was younger, nothing could pull me down but somehow now… However, I do have a Saiyan moment now. Watching Julian Lage’s videos these days make me go, boy I want to be that good too. I’m playing more of my acoustic guitar these days because Julian’s acoustic playing is what I love listening at the moment.

I think I’m making some progress.


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