Never knew this day would come when I would write about not knowing what to write. This was actually suggested by Daniel Purnomo the guitarist when I asked about what to write quite some time ago. I also saw some quote going ‘Writing about not having anything to write is better than not writing anything’ so here goes.

This is my little music blog so everything I write I try my very best to make them relate to music. However these days things just aren’t hitting me. I just don’t feel like writing things that are already written a few million times by other people (although I sure wrote some). I want to write things out of my own experience, my own thoughts because I’m so special as those landscape pictures with captions tell me on Facebook.

Truth is, my life isn’t as interesting as it may seem. Although it might seem interesting to those who aren’t in the same field, it’s just not in my own eyes. Goes to show the grass is always greener on the other side, the moon is always rounder overseas.

It’s impossible to live interestingly everyday in my opinion. Even if I live to fight giant robots and monsters everyday, it can get stale. I’m lacking that spark, that little something that makes me go wow. Many of my previous posts were inspired by little wow moments in my life. Maybe things would be much easier if I were to write fictional stuff but unfortunately, I’m writing about real experiences here.

And I’m out of things to write about not knowing what to write so, until the next post!


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