In this blog I’m always stressing the importance of practicing but I had almost forgotten how hard it was to actually practice something we aren’t good at. I’m not going for that ‘focus on your strengths ignore your weaknesses’ nonsense because I want to be the best that I can be then be better than that to conquer the world. Or at least just my bedroom.

I was streaming on YouTube and the theme for that day was chord solo practice. I am never good at chord solos so I definitely need practice. Streaming this live online means that I NEED to practice in front of people instead of taking a break every 5 minutes like usual. Although it didn’t have many views (whoops subscribe to my YouTube channel please?), I was sure as hell being tortured for that one hour! I had forgotten how hard it was to fix our weaknesses, just like in real life. Or like playing a game.

Practicing is not meant to be easy but by practicing efficiently, what’s hard eventually becomes easier. It’s actually much easier to just quit but come on, we are much stronger than that aren’t we? (actually I sold my digital piano because I hardly practiced. guitar for the win!)


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