Had a gig and we were playing this song:

It has a rather free style guitar intro so I thought, man I’m gonna Yngwie over this with some sick shredding over some harmonic minor scale. And it didn’t turn out well. I haven’t been practicing Yngwie style for a long time and what I did that day was a lot worse than expected. In the end I hacked some notes and called it a day.

We are sometimes encouraged to take risk and play things out of our comfort zone. After what happened to me, I wouldn’t say I disagree with taking risks but playing something different needs practice too. I didn’t practice what I wanted to play and screwed up. I could’ve done the intro in a more familiar way but instead I opted for something I was totally not used to at that moment. Although unexpected bad plays do occur at gigs but I was in total control of this and came out with a disaster.

Moral of the story? Yes we have to take chances and break out of our comfort zones but make sure we practice it first. Don’t play a gig out there and suddenly decide to do things that were not practiced before hand. Try out new things in the practice room and apply them in a jam session. As for a working gig, I’d say play it safe. I’ve learned my lesson and thinking back of that intro sends chills down my spine because I really did it that horribly. Don’t be like me so go practice now!


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