‘Be yourself.’ ‘Go with your emotions.’

We are all looking for our own voices be it in music or whatever. We want to be heard the way we are. We want to express ourselves without being a copy of someone else.

I am still on my way to finding THAT voice of mine in music. It makes me happy when friends tell me, ‘Hey Justin I knew it was you playing without even seeing!’ but I’m looking for more. There can always be improvement!

It takes a lot of inspiration in finding our voices. Even if we’re talking about music, it doesn’t need to be the only thing that inspires us. Family, friends, nature, cars, lamp posts, anything can inspire if we let them be.

Practice is a much in crafting our voices. Here’s something I find a little interesting of myself although I don’t think I’m the only one, I would practice many things and discard those that I end up not really liking.

I was quite a hardcore picker before but I didn’t really want it in my voice so I got rid of it. That doesn’t mean I can’t pick now though. If it’s called for I can of course still pick quite many notes but I wouldn’t call it part of my voice, for now.

It’s just like habits. We’ve got to get rid of bad habits but in my case above it isn’t that much of getting rid of bad habits. I just didn’t like what somethings affect my voice in music so I got rid of them. I do have lots of REAL bad habits to get rid off though!

Our voices change. Just like how our real voices change as we grow. Our tastes in music might change, which directly changes our voices in music as well.

There are always things we’d like to include in our voices as well things that we keep away from. What we like today could also end up being what we hate tomorrow as well.

The journey to finding our voices, it never ends.


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