Before writing the ‘Pick-more’ legato eBook, I was actually more of a picker than anything else with an emphasis on economy picking. My legato was not bad but it didn’t creep into my playing. Yet.

So why did I eventually write a legato book instead of a picking book? I initially wanted to combine both economy picking and legato together pushing the idea of efficient shred but it didn’t work out. So between economy picking and legato, I had to make a choice. I chose legato.

Why not economy picking, a technique I was fond of at that time? Well, I couldn’t think much on elaborating the technique because with economy picking, it’s some sweep and alternate picking here and there and that’s almost it. I prefer writing on concepts so I thought I would be done with the book in a few pages if I were to write on economy picking.

On to legato. It was a cool topic because I struggled with it, failed several methods until I got to THE method. That’s experience. On the other hand, I had seen many bad legato examples that are not efficient I thought something had to be done. And of course, since I like writing on concepts, I got to get into that for this book i.e. what notes to pick, what notes to slur etc. That should give me quite some materials to work with!

So I began writing. I would write down what I knew and test them to make sure they really work. I would go to jam sessions to test out stuff. Basically I went all legato nut, practicing and testing everything I knew. It was a cool process. I got to understand my playing better, come up with new ideas and of course improve my legato playing (duh).

I’m now primarily a legato player. I feel a lot more freedom doing it and I see a lot of possibilities with it as well. It is not an easy technique for sure and that’s why I’m still practicing it hard.

The point of writing this post? Well, how do I put it in words here… I was initially writing on something that wasn’t my ultimate strength but it was during the process, I improved so much on it that it’s now a huge part of my playing now. It is rather surprising and I’m sure glad I took the step to write the book for the public as well as for myself.


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