As I work towards not overplaying, I thought of this. What if I soloed like how I wish others would comp?

When I solo, I would love the rhythm section to relax and leave enough musical space for me while being prepared to throw things off. I wouldn’t want the rhythm section to show off all the chops they have and how many altered chords they can play in one bar ALL THE TIME.

That would be terrible as there would be no musical space left. It is awesome to throw things off a little here and there to create tension but if it happens too frequently, it’s not doing good for the music.

A rhythm section being too passive is not good as well. It’d be like playing to iReal Pro’s (ex iReal b) playback function.

Back to soloing, why not think of it this way, a soloist being part of the rhythm section as well. Now everything is in the same perspective, everyone is comping and no one should be overplaying. Now that’d make some sweet music wouldn’t it?

We are all compers, not just acCOMPanying, but also COMPlimenting. Listen to what the band mates are doing and COMPliment each other. Listen. Feel. COMPliment.


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