I’m hyper and I overplay over almost everything so I’m looking to cut down some notes. To be frank I haven’t practiced this thing much yet because live DotA is very distracting just like World Cup. Hey wait, shouldn’t I be watching World Cup? Never mind next month will be my World Cup anyway with The International 4 coming woohoo!

Okay back to topic. To be more specific on what I’m practicing on, it’s to cut down the notes while playing over fast pieces. When the tempo goes up, it’s very easy for me to blast all over the place and I’m now tired of it. Well, I’m most inspired to practice when I’m tired of my own stuff so that’s a good start!

A little insight of how I would play over a fast tempo song, I’m talking about the jazz stuff here. Taking ‘All The Things You Are’ as an example, I can play fairly okay at medium tempo with what I consider a nice enough blend of phrasings of different speeds. Bump the tempo up to bright swing territory and I can’t stop playing 8th notes over everything! It’s time for a change right now!

Fired up iReal Pro (was called iReal b) on my iPad, searched for ‘All The Things You Are’, bumped the tempo up to 300bpm and improvised over it. I started doing 8th notes naturally at the beginning so I tried backing off and, argh! I… I was struggling to slow down! It felt really terrible but now I know what I need to practice on. So yeah, I have to practice now. Maybe after watching this game. Maybe after another game.

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