As seen from my previous post, I’m doing a one-song-a-day project for the whole May. Honestly, instead of calling these songs, they are essentially demos that need more polishing and arranging. By forcing myself to compose one song a day, I have no excuse but to squeeze my brain to come out with something be it good or bad, at least it’s something. I have different inspirations everyday so this project really helped me as I’ll just record these ideas straight away! One of the worst things to happen is to have an awesome idea but end up forgetting it. I still forget some of my ideas but more importantly, more of them are being captured.

As I compose more and more, ideas eventually run dry and become repetitive. I don’t see this as a bad thing because this means I’m all ready to absorb new ideas! I’m listening to World of Warcraft soundtracks now and I can feel all the new ideas start breeding in my head oh yeah. Okay back to work! Gotta compose more stuff and continue writing on my legato ebook! There are some really awesome stuff coming soon!

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