I’m giving myself a challenge. I’m going to write one song a day for this month and upload them to SoundCloud (gosh I just figured out how to put it in a sidebar widget! —>). It’s already 6th but since I actually started this project on the 1st of May, the rest of the songs will be uploaded soon. Yes some might say composing is a very ‘feel’ thing and needs to wait to be inspired etc., I believe creativity can be practiced. This challenge will help me with my timing as well as I will record to a metronome.

The songs (or should I just call them demos?) will be played solo guitar style. The songs are going to be numbered because naming instrumentals takes up even more brain power than composing in my case! Since these are technically demos, I might pick some of them some day and truly work on them. If you like some of the demos and would like to collaborate, feel free to hit me up!

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