So I packed my bags and guitar and headed to Indonesia last week. Late morning flight but I didn’t sleep much because I was following Starladder Season 9 Dota 2!

Flight was a smooth one. Didn’t have to check in my guitar which was great! Was kinda worried if I needed to check it in but all turned out well! Had drummer buddy Dhanny picked me up at Surabaya airport with Ikbar (sorry I don’t know how to spell your name!) and headed to Malang where Dhanny lives.

Had a gig on the same day I arrived with guitarist Mikail (all the following names are most probably not spelled right!) at Jazz Corner. Mikail’s a great young player and I stole quite some ideas from playing with him!

Throughout the week in Indonesia I got to jam with many awesome musicians playing jazz, blues, pop etc. Lots of lots of food. I was being fed nonstop! The food’s awesome so I couldn’t help but be fed willingly.

Had another gig at Surabaya on my last day with Dhanny and bassist Ikrar. Was all fun and got to watch other cool acts as well!

Food is cheap in Indonesia compared to in Singapore. S$1 could get me full! Well, it’s all cheap to me but maybe not to the locals. The musicians I saw played with minimal equipment. No expensive stuff, just what they needed. And yet they killed with whatever they have in hands.

This trip was an eye opener. Very different culture I saw. Gosh this is such a horribly written post! Guess I need to travel even more to be able to write travel posts better. Lets end this post here shall we…?


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