Asked for suggestions on what to blog on Facebook but I only got 2 replies *gulp* where ex-roommate Kewei suggested manga and Yizhe suggested my love for SNSD. Sorry Kewei I can’t write about manga because the thought of it makes me angry! I’m sure you know what I mean with what’s happening at the moment in an eyes-related manga.

So I have to write about SNSD now. Thanks Yizhe for such suggestion because this is my favorite topic ever! I wrote quite a lot on my Biography’s first person part but let’s write some more. SNSD came into my life in 2009, my 2nd year in NTU. I was lost then. You know, studying without learning anything. Results wise, no matter how hard I worked, they wouldn’t get better. I started to doubt myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt like a zombie with no aim whatsoever.

I was first drawn into Kpop by Wondergirls’ ‘Nobody’. The song was played everywhere. ‘I wan nobadeh nobadeh but chu! I wan nobadeh nobadeh but chu!’ I went to look up for their videos and yeah, there’s some magical thing going on in these songs that hooks you in where you can’t escape. Then my friend Chee Leong showed me SNSD’s ‘Gee’. At first I was like, yeah 9 girls, so many, dunno who’s who bla bla. Didn’t give much thought on them.

And one day, I decided to take a look at SNSD again and it clicked. I found the best thing in the world. It felt just like the time I started playing the guitar when I decided to listen to some Megadeth all of a sudden and never looked back. It was the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ days but I started by absorbing all the ‘Gee’ videos on Youtube. I didn’t even know the group was still active because I thought it should be quite old. Well, that’s because all the music I listened back then was ‘old’ anyway. I despised ‘new’ music hence I thought whatever I like should be ‘old’. Once I found out SNSD was active, I was surprised but that means I can follow them! Watched all the shows they were on from their debut days to present. ‘Hello Baby’, ‘Invincible Youth’ etc. etc. I watched them all.

SNSD’s ‘Gee’, the life changer after watching it the 2nd time.

The MV of ‘Oh!’ was released on my birthday in 2010. Such coincidence. ‘Oh! Oh! Oh! Oppareul saranghae~’ I started buying all their albums. Photobooks as well. I put my EZ-Link card in a Taeyeon card holder. Bought posters and have them everywhere in my room. Wait I’m feeling funny now… If I were to look at myself from outside, man I’m one creepy dude. Laughing like ‘hehehe…’ while watching their shows and all that fanboy stuff, yes it really feels a little funny when I look back at what I was doing back then…

This MV was the best birthday present.

9 people, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. It took me some time remembering their faces and names. Some say that I just like their looks. I’d be lying if I said no but here’s the catch. I wouldn’t have been a Sone for so long if it were just for looks. It’s almost 5 years. The music. SNSD is my first gateway to Kpop and I discovered so much in this genre. It’s an interesting genre with nice rhythm, melody and harmony. The harmony is really something. Growing up listening to a whole lot of Canon chord progressions and being sick of it, this is a welcome change. I always hear whacky chords and modulations in SNSD’s songs. Songs like ‘Kissing You’, ‘Day By Day’, ‘Express 999’, ‘Europa’ and many many more, the chords are just wow! It’s like jazz, not in a traditional sense but the influence is obvious. It’s still pop but a lot more interesting than what I’d listened. Their music satisfies both my fanboy and music critic sides. I’m happy. Oh did I mention when I first discovered Taeyeon’s solo recordings. Me blown away! Instant favorite voice. 

Had much trouble transcribing this during my early jazz days!

I went to their concerts. Buying ticket was one hell of a fight as the site just wouldn’t load! Everyone was fighting for tickets! The first concert was in 2011 and I got a free standing ticket (no the ticket is not free!). Queued for 5 hours before the concert started and had my view blocked by tall people in front during the concert… I’m not standing anymore. So they came back last year. The internet went down when I almost got my ticket so I ended with a cheaper ticket with worse view of course… I thoroughly enjoyed both concerts though. Shouting like a maniac and singing along one octave higher my normal voice. The first concert in 2011, I was very close to them. When they came out from the center of the stage, I stopped waving my light stick. My mind was blank. I just couldn’t believe seeing them in such distance. I was a lot more calm during the 2nd concert in 2013, partly because I was sitting faaaar away. The little girl to my right and young man to my left must have thought that I was crazy singing and shouting SEATED. Hope I didn’t disturb them but I couldn’t hold back myself (although already much better than in 2011)!

Once a Sone forever a Sone!

SNSD has been out there for 7 years, a very long life for a girl group. I wish they will go on forever. I feel connected to them. I wish I discovered them earlier. The things they went through are inspiring to say the least. From being boycotted to dominating the world, doubts for the future, all that hardship etc. They started their journey when they were teens. Now look at me. I’m just starting out for real (25 years old) and I can feel the stress already (maybe having a kick ass agency helps!). It’s easy to give up but come on, I’m just beginning! It’s like playing a full bar F chord on the guitar for the first time. Watching SNSD’s interviews always pump me up as they share the hardships they went through and I be like, yeah mine’s like nothing compared to theirs! SNSD has been such an inspiration to me be it mentally, musically, Gee etc… Okay! I need to work my ass out and hopefully one day, I get to say annyeonghaseyo to them face to face! Fighting!

PS: I could’ve written much more but as usual brain power is down. Haven’t written such a long post for a while (it’s long by my writing standard) as well so here’s an extra picture of my SNSD’s ‘Mr.Mr.’ poster with my lovely axe~:

SNSD and Suhr


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