Ah… Picks… Okay so there are countless types of guitar picks out there and which ONE is right for our hands? The answer varies from person to person. Well, me myself have gone through many picks throughout the years from Ibanez Paul Gilbert picks, V picks, Dunlop Jazz IIIs, Dava picks etc. and they are all good yet different in their own way. What do I look for in a pick? Here’s a checklist:

1. Shape.

I prefer a small pick like a Dunlop Jazz III personally (or we call it a jazz shape). You might prefer something bigger or smaller and that’s your call! Also, the sharper the pick, the more ‘bite’ it has.

2. Thickness.

A thinner pick tends to flab more than a thicker pick. I prefer a thicker pick like 1.5mm and above because I find it glides through strings more easily and is easier to hold. However take note that the thicker the pick, the higher its tendency to be noisy as it ‘chirps’ on the strings.

3. Material.

Oh boy… You have to check it out yourself! Different material, different stiffness, different tone. I’m using a Jim Dunlop Ultex Jazz III at the moment (the golden one) as I find it gives more sweetness to the tone compared to the others. Who knows if I’m going to change again?

4. Feel~

Maybe the pick reminds you of your first love or the best meal you had. I guess this is the combination of all 3 criteria above, how does it feel? It takes a lot of time to ‘feel’ a pick though but of course there are some that feel disgusting straight away (varies from person to person though). Do we play our favorite licks more easily? Does it boost our confidence? How’s the tone? It’s crazy with the amount of picks available in the market these days. Take your time and look for THE pick. Good luck!


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