Was working out some alternate picking exercises with a student and we fired up the metronome. What I found out but was never aware before this was that I was tapping my foot instinctively to each click. I have no idea when this habit started but I guess isn’t bad at all!

I tried to not tap my foot but to listen to the click with my ears. It felt awkward and I couldn’t ‘feel’ the beat which was quite disturbing to say at least. Tapped my foot again and the feel was back on track. This might be crazy but what I thought could be the reason I felt much better tapping my foot to the click is, my foot ‘listens’ to the click more efficiently than my ears. Once my foot syncs with the click, I would then ‘feel’ the beat more easily as my body is generating the beat as well. Same thing goes with head banging as well. And finger tapping (not the guitar technique!). And clapping. Now lets dance to the metronome clicks!


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