After the introduction of HOW economy picking is done, we will now look at WHAT can be done using economy picking. This isn’t so much about licks but more on small ideas, where multiple ideas form licks. Whenever I look at licks, I try breaking them down into several small ideas that I can digest separately and for this post, I will be showing some ideas I have and (try) put them together to form licks that might be useful. The ideas themselves are more important though!


Economy picking ideas

Before going on, we have to know our scales already so these ideas can be applied straight away using different scales anywhere on the fretboard. I hope everyone gets something from these! Each idea is shown in the first bar followed by an example of how it can be used in which the idea is highlighted with *s.

1. Ideas 1a and 1b



Ideas 1a and 1b are similar with just 1 note difference. These are handy in turning an ascending scale run to descending.


2. Ideas 2a and 2b



Similar to ideas 1a and 1b, 2a and 2b work well in turning a descending scale run to ascending.


Economy picking licks!

We’ve got the ideas so it’s licks time! These licks are formed by featuring the ideas above with linear scale runs.

1. Mash up

Why not a little mash up? Here’s a lick featuring all the ideas.



2. Contradicting 1a

I said ideas 1a and 1b are ideal for turning ascending runs to descending no? It’s more than that! Burn through this lick. It’s easy and able to go VERY FAST.



3. Stationary shred

Not wanting to run up and down the fretboard but prefer shredding at one location? Stitch ideas 1a and 2a and here you go! (you can run up and down the fretboard with this too!)



To be continued…

I guess that’s enough for now! Again, it’s essential to know our scales to apply these ideas so we can create our own licks using these little ideas! There will be more and happy economy picking!


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