Before all the text, lets watch this video:

I’m in love, again. Such wonderful music! IU and the team behind her have outdone it again! The song, apart from satisfying the little fanboy in me, it challenged the music geek in me as well as I was listening to the chord changes and, wow, not easy! Clever use of modulations without sounding clever if you know what I mean. The song is just, oh yeah!

Okay let’s get back to topic. The music I write is mostly a fusion of progressive rock, jazz, some classical (which I took up quite recently but it kinda blended into my stuff easily!) and other stuff if I’m allowed to describe my own music. You can check out the music page to see if I’m right! I have no problem getting influences from many different music genres but there’s one genre which I haven’t succeeded in blending in – Kpop. Kpop in the likes of Girls’ Generation and as the video above, IU (and others as well!). Well, I took references of some chord progressions but it’s the feel that I can’t put into my own composition. Listening to Kpop makes me happy. It makes me smile. Maybe that’s the main difference between Kpop and what I’m doing right now. Kpop is generally bright while my songs are mostly dark. I feel the darkness builds up in me day by day…

With this new IU song and the coming Girls’ Generation concert in Singapore, I’m very pumped up and I guess it’s time for me to take up the challenge of writing a Kpop inspired song! Funk it, swing it, whatever it, I wanna write an uplifting song! A song that makes people smile. But I’m an instrumental guy and I’m not sure if not having good-looking people sing would affect the mood… I assume it would but challenge is still accepted! This will be a nice challenge as I need to balance out the dark side in me. As I was writing this, I recall actually having written a rather Kpop inspired song. Time to put it into charts I guess. Not sure if it can make it to my next gig at Blu Jaz on 24th October though! For those who are interested, here’s the event page. Now I got to listen to more Kpop to get inspiration!


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