Next week be awesome!

Tomorrow I will be in Surabaya, Indonesia. This will be my first overseas trip on my own and honestly I have no idea what to do there so it’s all up to buddy Dhanny to decide what to do with me! Looking forward to meeting some awesome musicians over there and food! I’m running out of…

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Website update.

I’ll be trying out a new theme (again!) so if you happen to be browsing this site, things are gonna be messy! Sorry for the inconvenience!  

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My love for SNSD

Asked for suggestions on what to blog on Facebook but I only got 2 replies *gulp* where ex-roommate Kewei suggested manga and Yizhe suggested my love for SNSD. Sorry Kewei I can’t write about manga because the thought of it makes me angry! I’m sure you know what I mean with what’s happening at the…

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Good tone distracts practice

We spend so much money and time looking for THE tone. Guitars worth millions, amps worth billions, cables worth trillions, strings worth zillions etc.. Lets say we’ve found IT. THE TONE. The most beautiful tone ever to grace planet earth that was thought to only exist in heavens. What happens next most of the time…

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Back home.

It’s good to be back home (again!). Putting everything away and just relax. I had been using much brain power in Singapore and there’s nothing like being at home, watching Korean TV channel and stoning. Got to compile all that stuff in my head! I don’t feel like playing the guitar right now as I…

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Phrasing: What scales to use?

Here we are talking about scales again but wait, this is a little different. Often, we see lessons saying ‘use altered scale over this chord’, ‘diminished scale over that chord’ etc. which is perfectly fine! Nothing wrong! However, I like shortcuts, I like to THINK simpler. Much scales. If I were to go through chord…

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Picking a pick

Ah… Picks… Okay so there are countless types of guitar picks out there and which ONE is right for our hands? The answer varies from person to person. Well, me myself have gone through many picks throughout the years from Ibanez Paul Gilbert picks, V picks, Dunlop Jazz IIIs, Dava picks etc. and they are…

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Jobless week

I quit my day job and have been shaking leg for a week now, enjoying the life of being a useless scum doing nothing (actually I did something!). I had been thinking, what’s my next step? I sort of have an idea now and shall do some stuff soon. How soon I don’t know aha!…

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A dollar and a tuner.

(Re)moving guitar/bass dead spots with Blu Tack and coins

The teaser. The previous post I showed my guitar’s headstock. Everything looks okay from the front but on the back… Yes those are coins and they solve problems! Invasion of the dead spots. I stacked 4 S$1 with Blu Tack and stuck them on the back of the headstock. Why? Because of dead spots (or…

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Looks ordinary?

Teaser: Solving a problem with money (literally)

I was messing around with my Suhr and there were some problems that annoyed me (yes Suhr can have problems too!). I love this guitar a hell lot and I had looked on the internet for solutions but all were no go for me. So I used some money. No I didn’t send it to…

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